The Tazzari Zero CM rolls!

With the electric car to the charging station and after 10 minutes of charging with the battery full to the brim, that sounded more like science fiction. But SWJ ENERGY has now (converted) just such a vehicle: Our SWJ ENERGY Tazzari Zero CM (CapModule).

Konzeptfahrzeug mit Zukunftsaussicht

The inventors from SWJ ENERGY wanted to prove that their CapModules can completely replace common Li-Ion batteries in practice. So they bought an electric city car from the Italian company Tazzari, which has been building such models for over ten years. The on-board battery was replaced by a CapModule V with the same capacity of around 12kWh. As with the original, the range is well over 100 kilometers – the perfect city runabout.

The one with the “I-wish-me-something” traits

However, the qualities of the Tazzari Zero CM differ significantly from the original. In this way, the car can be refueled with electricity within 10 (!) Minutes. And you can also use it in winter without any problems, because CapModules work at outside temperatures between -30 ° and + 70 ° Celsius. Incidentally, fear never goes with you: CapModules can, for physical reasons, neither explode nor catch fire themselves.

Curious? Then get in contact with us. Or see the little guy in action!