SWJ-ENERGY: Sustainability that electrifies

The SWJ-GROUP has a new family member! SWJ-ENERGY GmbH was founded on March 1st, 2021 in order to thoroughly shake up the market for electricity storage with the brand new “CapModule” product range.

Goal: Eliminate the disadvantages of today’s batteries

For a long time, the brightest minds in the energy sector within the SWJ-GROUP have been working on solving today’s battery problems: Common lithium-ion batteries do not have enough runtime, cannot provide peak loads quickly enough and cannot be charged quickly. They also need sophisticated temperature management.

CapModules are the solution

“Our CapModules do not have any of these problems” , the technical director Christos Vellios proudly announces. Because the modules are based on a completely different technology. They combine supercapacitors into small and large units. The advantages: charging times of less than 10 minutes regardless of the size of the module, usable at temperatures from -30 to +70 degrees Celsius and a service life that is up to 5 times longer than that of conventional batteries.

From small to very large

The area of application of the new CapModule ranges from small 19 “UPSs to power storage for photovoltaic systems to large industrial storage systems. Find out everything about our new company on our website www.swj-energy.de.