Project Description

CapModule Off-Grid

Power-Failure Storage System in Wall-Design

In our private life, a reliable power supply is essential: it is inconvenient if the TV suddenly turns black. v

The CapModule Off-Grid reliably bridges power outages with lightning speed over several hours. The big advantage: The storage system also provides its electricity with high power – and recharges just as quickly when the power is back. Even in a holiday home, which may be uninhabited for a few weeks, it is always reliable: It is physically impossible for the Off-Grid to ignite itself or explode.

Technical data:

• 1 – 2 kWh nergy capacity
• 100% discharge depth
• > 90% energy efficiency
• Voltage 12 – 48V DC
• Load cycles 20.000
• Temperature range -30 bis + 60 °C
• Wall
• Size 230 mm x 400 mm x 460 mm
• Weight 251,3 lbs / 35 kg