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Electrifying Sustainability!


The future belongs to green and sustainable energy – there is no doubt about that. Making this future reality requires powerful electrical energy storage – or simply “rechargeable batteries”.

That is where we come into play. SWJ Energy has developed a revolutionary innovation in this field: the energy storage system series “CapModule.”

Based on supercapacitors, this energy storage brings characteristics and possibilities that were previously nearly unimaginable.



Swift as the Wind

The most important factor of a battery is how quickly it can be (re)charged. CapModule is chargeable in less than ten minutes – without any thermal regulation and unrestrained by the storage size. It is now possible to refuel electricity at the same speed as gasoline!

Even the discharging times feel like the electricity comes directly from the outlet because their peak load capacity is seven times higher than the peak load of conventional rechargeable batteries.


Fit as a Fiddle in all Seasons

A harsh winter is the biggest enemy of any battery – similarly for vehicle batteries. Low temperatures cause performance declines, resulting in dramatic cruising range decreases.

ut not with the CapModule: It is not bothered by the cold, and can sustain both arctic and tropical temperatures, with an operating range between -30 and +60 °C (-22 and +140 °F).

CapModule Giga

From Bulbs to SuperChargers

The automotive industry alone utilizes numerous different voltages: the 12-volt standard for car batteries, 48 volts in a mild-hybrid vehicle, 400 volts in an electric vehicle – and even 720 volts as temporary storage at an EV charging station.
It does not matter to our energy storage systems: whether 12V or up to 720V, they deploy their performance consistently for any voltage need.

CapModule V

Keep Cool!

he brains of engineers occasionally smoke like chimneys when they brood about the thermal management of a conventional lithium-ion battery. If these batteries must emit too much power at once, they can overheat themselves. However, our team was always able to keep cool, and the storage systems of SWJ Energy remain completely cool as well. The system neither requires cooling nor heating. Therefore, they can even emit peak amounts of electricity without getting hot.

CapModule Off-Grid

The Marathon Runner Among Batteries

A marathon is the ultimate discipline among running competitions – and the chosen category for our CapModule energy storage systems because they will never be out of breath. While a lithium battery achieves between 3,000 to 5,000 charging cycles, a CapModule energy storage system scores more than 20,000 charging cycles, outliving a lithium battery more than five times.
With daily charging, the life span would be around 40 years – and 70% of the potential charging capacity would still be available. The total life span for conventional lithium batteries with the same testing procedure is just ten years.

CapModule Smart

Resting Pulse Even Under Pressure

Over the past years, there have been multiple headlines about reports of burning or even exploding batteries. There is no doubt that anyone would be much more relaxed knowing that their own energy storage in the basement also remains relaxed. Our CapModule’s heart does not even skip a beat when it is charged or discharged at high pressure. The batteries are made of oxidized lithium and can therefore no longer oxidize in a reaction with air. This means in practice that the battery is neither self-igniting nor explosive. Which will also benefit your own heart rate …

CapModule Rack








It’s a hot deal!

What counts in the end is the price. With its good cost-benefit ratio, the CapModule can even score in this area. The current buffered kilowatt hour costs between five and seven cents. Therefore, CapModule is not only easy on the environment, but also gives your wallet a break.

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