Project Description

CapModule Smart

Photovoltaic Long-term Storage with Smart-Design

The CapModule Smart is the little brother of the CapModule Pro. It is also a perfect partner for your photovoltaic system – and a little more cost-effective. The advantages are basically the same: Even if the sun provides a lot of electricity on a sunny day, the CapModule Smart does not collapse under the load. And once the power fails, the CapModule Smart bridges that time. In addition, you do not have to worry about an installation in the basement: igniting itself or even exploding is physically impossible.

Technical data:

• 7,2 kWh energy capacity
• 100% discharge depth
• > 90% energy efficiency
• Voltage 48V DC
• Peak power >35 kW
• Peak charging power up to 20 kW
• Load cycles 20.000
• Temperature range -30 bis + 60 °C
• Wall or floor installation

• Size 1060 mm x 740 mm x 211 mm
• Weight 251,3 lbs / 130 kg

CapModule Pro & Smart product video