Project Description

CapModule Pro

 Photovoltaic Long-term Storage

The CapModule Pro is the perfect partner for your private photovoltaic system (PV). Especially, since it is permitted for private PVs to supply the general electricity grid for a maximum of 20 years. With the CapModule Pro, the electric power simply stays at home with you. Because even if the sun provides a lot of electricity on a sunny day, CapModule Pro does not collapse under the load. And even when the power fails, the CapModule Pro bridges that time. Additionally, an installation in the basement is worry-free: due to its physical condition, a CapModule cannot ignite itself or explode.

But not only the inner values count – none other than the upscale design studio Pininfarina turned our energy storage system into an eye-catcher!

Technical data:

• 10 kWh energy capacity
• 100% Entladungstiefe
• > 90% energy efficiency
• Voltage 48V DC
• Peak power >50 kW
• Peak charging power up to 35 kW
• Charging cycles 20.000
• Temperature range -30 bis + 60 °C
• Wall or floor installation
• Size 1000 mm x 1000 mm x 185 mm
• Weight 251,3 lbs / 180 kg

CapModule Pro & Smart product video