SWJ Energy is a company of SWJ Group. For the last 20 year, SWJ Group has been a competent engineering partner for the automotive industry, automotive manufacturing, mechanical and plant engineering, as well as electrics and electronics. Our range of services covers the entire value chain.


SWJ Energy is now joining together the brightest minds in energy technology. For over 25 years, the team has proven itself in global projects, providing experts and expertise in electricity and mobility.

After a long period of research in the field of alternative and sustainable power storage technology, the company is now presenting the first product line “SWJ Energy CapModule”. More products will follow, as we have the goal to offer more attractive, durable and cost-effective energy storage systems – or in other words: sustainable.

A product just as innovative as its team! The team has been developing innovations for its customers and partners for years. Why not put our heads together and develop our own innovations? That is exactly what we did! Our motto: Electrifying Sustainability!
Christos Vellios
Christos VelliosCTO - Management and Organization
I am Christos Vellios and I work as technical manager for SWJ Energy. I support our customers and the team in creating sustainable future projects. My motto: “Leader instead of boss”.
Joachim Sauerborn
Joachim SauerbornCTO - Technical Director
I am Joachim Sauerborn and I work as technical manager for SWJ Energy. I support our customers in concepts and the technical implementation of sustainable future projects. My motto: “I don’t take “No” for an answer”.
Georges Konsul
Georges KonsulBusiness Development
I am Georges Konsul and I am responsible for the business development of SWJ Energy. I continue to develop our business according to the requirements of our customers. My motto: “Stay hungry, stay foolish” (Steve Jobs).
Dirk Fleischmann
Dirk FleischmannSenior Design Engineer
I am Dirk Fleischmann and I work as a senior designer for SWJ Energy. For our customers, I translate ideas for sustainable future projects into reality. My motto: “As simple as possible, as complicated as necessary”.
Peter Muinde
Peter MuindeSenior System Architect
I am Peter Muinde and I work as a Senior System Architect for SWJ Energy. For our customers, I implement circuit technology requirements for sustainable future projects. My motto: “Always one step ahead.”

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