Project Description

CapModule Rack

USV im 19″-Design

The true extent to which our daily lives are entwined with a reliable power supply is always noticeable when the electricity is suddenly out/off. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) helps especially in these moments – ideally in the form of our CapModule Rack. It covers the time after a power outage until the electricity is back – for example in a hospital or in a company’s server room.

The big advantage: The storage system provides its energy at lightning speed with high performance. Additionally, just as the name suggests, the CapModule Rack fits perfectly into any given infrastructure, as it fits into every rack according to the 19″ standard. Moreover, it cannot ignite itself or explode.

Technical data:

• 1,44 kWh energy capacity
• 100% discharge depth
• > 90% energy efficiency
• Voltage 48V DC
• Peak power >7,5 kW
• Peak charging power up to 5 kW
• Load cycles 20.000
• Temperature range -30 bis + 60 °C
• For installation in 19-inch rack
• Size 230 mm x 400 mm x 460 mm
• Weight 251,3 lbs / 35 kg

CapModule Rack product video